Have you ever tasted the mystery of a blue heaven milkshake? Banana, vanilla, strawberry, caramel... or does it hint of something else? Curious yet delicious. Spending time in a Christian community of friends can also be curious and delicious. Moments of unexpected goodness, flavoured in friendship and deeply filling. Perhaps your new favourite flavour awaits. God knows your tastes.

Nunawading Adults is your guide to the adult events run by the people of this church. There are plenty of groups and events to connect to. So place your order for a small, medium or large serve.

On Saturdays there is study group time in Adult Sabbath School. Time to greet, connect and discuss while learning about God. These groups also regularly meet for social and spiritual events. Wednesday evenings are set for LIFE Prayer Group, where praise and prayer are given by united voices. Church lunches are hosted by study groups to gather food and friends. Yearly camps, conferences and seminars operate at the church and around Victoria.

Event Times

  • Adult Sabbath School:

    Saturdays 9:30am
  • Living In Faith Everyday (LIFE) Prayer Group

    (Adventcare Whitehorse Auditorium):

    Wednesdays 7:30-8:30pm
  • Church Lunch:

    First and third Saturdays each month after Church
  • Elmore Big Camp:

  • Adult Study Groups Support Network:

    All Year