Ever heard that famous quote about feeding a man a fish versus teaching him how to fish? Well he downloaded a 99c app, caught record numbers of virtual fish and posted it on Facebook. Wait... that’s not how the story goes! As a young adult, you get to make heaps of decisions. Some cost you 99c but all will cost you your character. A fleeting fish meal or a reel-life skill?

Nunawading Young Adults is your need to know guide to the 18+ aged events run by the people of this church. Real face time is a key ingredient. There are regular meets on the calendar, plus plenty of bonus ones too.

On Saturdays there is study group time for young adults in Young Adult Sabbath School. Time to chat, sip and share while learning about God. Young Adult Rallys operate quarterly and are a state-wide Seventh-day Adventist young adult gathering run by VicYouth. StormCo is a young adult led service ministry team for local needy projects and school holiday children’s programs.

Event Times

  • Young Adult Sabbath School:

    Saturdays 9:30am
  • Young Adult Rally:

  • StormCo:

    All Year